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Portrait photography Wikipedia.
According to Arthur Hammond, amateur and professional photographers need only two things to light a portrait: a window and a reflector. 7 Although window light limits options in portrait photography compared to artificial lights it gives ample room for experimentation for amateur photographers.
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Wherever you are with your camera, always be on the lookout for those moments when a person's' character shines though. If you have a formal portrait session with someone, make some frames of him while he straightens his tie or while she brushes her hair before the formal sitting.
portrait Wiktionary.
portrait countable and uncountable, plural portraits. countable A painting or other picture of a person, especially the head and shoulders. 1792, Joshua Reynolds, Discourses on Painting and the Fine Arts In portraits, the grace, and, we may add, the likeness, consists more in the general air than in the exact similitude of every feature.
Obama Portraits Blend Paint and Politics, and Fact and Fiction The New York Times.
The shape of the dress, rising pyramidally upward, mountain-like, feels as if it were the real subject of the portrait. Obamas face forms the compositions peak, but could be almost anyones face, like a models face in a fashion spread.
Portrait Definition of Portrait by Merriam-Webster.
2020 Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective The small park behind Tahrir Square has been divided by tents, one of which has become a steadily expanding portrait gallery with photographs of those who have been killed by the security forces.
Portrait Wikipedia.
21442124 BC, show a consistent appearance with some individuality, although it is sometimes disputed that these count as portraits. Some of the earliest surviving painted portraits of people who were not rulers are the Greco-Roman funeral portraits that survived in the dry climate of Egypt's' Fayum district.
PORTRAIT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
A film or book that is a portrait of something describes or represents that thing in a detailed way.: Her latest novel paints a very vivid portrait of the aristocracy in the 1920s. an exceptionally fine portrait. a lifelike portrait of the queen.

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